sábado, 6 de novembro de 2010

Back Down

Back Down the city, I was By my beck join the venture, like my shit, that was a woman that was trying like to kill me, and I was so mad that I jump my side and cross the well shit. I known just to drop like my children and stop so mooving like I told before. Rs, so that ever I was kild by a bump shit, I entered a soul that I'd never see just to profit a scene that I was so equal like a dog down stars mooving, feeling the drops, and seeing the song day, I starv at a moment and say, Oh my good I see dead people, and every body said, no you are a hero. Like heroes I Know, every one can take a build, and even your neighbor that lives at the garden, could make the sove about you see and live. At a point that you do, you can only see the streets and can only say to me like: I soul at you making. Abs. Peace, até. Abs.

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